Breakthrough Power for Mothers

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What are your dreams?

Phenomenal kids? Close friends? Good health? Financial security? The opportunity to make a significant contribution outside of your home? Time to indulge in a hobby? Do any of your dreams seem out of reach? Did you try to achieve them before but fall short? Regardless, you can live an extraordinary life – even if you are overwhelmed by weaknesses and difficult circumstances. But you need more than a book that explains the secrets to success; you also need daily motivation to apply them. Breakthrough Power for Mothers provides both.

For each day of the year, Breakthrough Power for Mothers provides four great quotes, usually from people known for their outstanding accomplishments. The first quote is humorous, which will put you in a good mood, ready to face life’s challenges. The other quotes will help you:

  • Build an unshakeable foundation
  • Pursue and fulfill your dreams
  • Impact others
  • Improve your relationships
  • Find time for renewal

You can read all four quotes in less than a minute, so you can squeeze them in before you start your breakthrough day.

You can achieve your dreams. As you do, your children will watch and learn how to achieve theirs.

Your sample includes the first 31 days of Breakthrough Power for Mothers. If you’d like to read all 366 days, you can order either the paperback, the Kindle or the Nook edition below.

So download and read Breakthrough Power for Mothers. Start living an extraordinary life.

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